Chris Colfer Says Kurt’s New Love Interest on Glee Is “Very, Very Charming”
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Chris Colfer Says Kurt’s New Love Interest on Glee Is “Very, Very Charming”

We know that Kurt will soon be getting a love interest on Glee. And, as difficult as it may be for Klaine fans to process this information, it sounds like we should at least try to give this new guy a shot.

“I kind of was afraid, because I thought any actor that came in [to play Kurt’s love interest] would have their throat slit by the fans,” Chris Colfer says on Live with Kelly and Michael.

“But I think this one guy might have a chance because he’s very funny, very, very charming,” Chris continues. So if he’s good enough for Chris, then he should be good enough for us, right?

Of course, Chris’s approval of Kurt’s new boy toy doesn’t mean he doesn’t want Kurt and Blaine to reunite down the road. “I think they’ll get back together eventually,” he says. Phew!

That said, Chris wants to make sure there’s a surprising storyline featuring Kurt and Blaine. “They’ve gotta do something,” he points out. “They can’t just say ‘I love you’ every episode. That’d be so boring.”

It might be boring, but it’s a lot better to be bored than to endure face-crushing, Klaine-induced depression week after week. Or maybe that’s just us?

Source: Examiner