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American Idol

Controversial American Idol Arch-Enemy Site “Vote for the Worst” Closing Its Doors

No one knows for sure when American Idol’s run on TV will end (Season 32, anyone?), but one true nemesis of the show,, will close its doors after this season. Vote for the Worst seemed like it was going to be a flash in the pan when it started, urging viewers to vote for people whom they thought were terrible (like Season 6’s Sanjaya Malakar). There’s no denying, however, their supporters have been able to skew the voting at certain points.

Alas, creator Dave Della Terza says he’s bringing the controversial site to a close because, according to him, Idol is no longer relevant:

American Idol has become a shell of its former self. It used to produce stars and it used to be must-see TV. Now you can count on a bunch of bland finalists singing the same 10 songs over and over with maybe one contestant becoming a one hit wonder.”

Pardon us, but aren’t Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez living, breathing proof this isn’t true? Even more interesting (or peculiar), Dave goes on to say new judge Nicki Minaj will be the one to seal the deal on the end of American Idol’s impressive history as the number one TV show every years since it debuted.

“Some wonderful person has paid off Nicki Minaj to help take down the show in the most dramatic and flamboyant way possible, so let’s take advantage,” he wrote.

Most media outlets, on the other hand, have been pointing to Nicki as the one who will breathe new life into the show with the unrestrained way she expresses her opinions. Well, Dave is nothing if not a contrarian.

The Vote for the Worst spokesman closed by thanking his big-name supporters, Howard Stern and David Letterman, and proceeded to give the following shout-out to fans:

“Let’s enjoy it for all it’s worth, and make sure to get the contestants America hates one step closer to winning a meaningless prize. And when our fun contestants go home, let’s make sure we crown White Guy With Guitar #6.”

White Guy #5 (P-Squared) sure isn’t doing too shabby, what with a single that’s hit number one on the Billboard charts six times and a debut album that’s seen a more-than-impressive reign on the charts. What do you think of VFTW’s belief that American Idol has run its course?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

01.16.2013 / 05:57 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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