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The Bachelorette

Courtney Robertson on Dating Arie Luyendyk Jr: “We Had a Really Nice Time Together” — Exclusive

We’re going to be honest for a moment here: Half the reason we want to be on The Bachelor is so that after we get dumped — or call off the engagement in dramatic Twitter fashion — we can date Arie Luyendyk, Jr. (No, seriously. He’s that good at kissing.)

Similarly, we have guy friends who would be willing to undergo the humiliation of trying really hard to date someone less hot than they are so that when it all goes south, they’ll be able to identify with (and bed) Courtney Robertson.

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So, when we found out a couple months back that Arie and Courtney were dating, our jealousy was palpable. But sadly, it didn’t last and now, they’re both back on the market (wait, did we say sadly?). Wetpaint Entertainment caught up exclusively with Courtney at the Bachelor mansion on January 11 and chatted with Ben Flajnik’s ex about what happened with her and the Kissing Dutchman.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s true and what’s just a rumor. But as for whether or not Arie and Courtney really were together or if it was just a couple dates, we had to ask. Yep, that’s true,” Courtney told us. “Arie is a good friend of mine and yeah, we’re both from Arizona, and we had a really nice time together but he’s a good friend. We got along great but we’re not dating.”

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Arie made that pretty clear on Sulia, when he told the world things were over between them. “I think he said we’re no longer seeing each other or something,” Courtney said about the post. “I haven’t seen Arie in over a month and a half so I think it’s just a sort of thing — he texted me right before [he did that online] and I was like, ‘That’s fine, whatever.’ We get asked constantly. I mean, I get asked every day, ‘How are you and Ben?’ I’ll probably be 90 in the checkout line and someone will come up be like, ‘Hey, how is Ben doing?’ It’s just the sort of thing, it’s good to clear the air and not leave people guessing.”

That’s rough. We like to imagine all of our exes disappearing into some abyss. But it can’t be hard to date when you’re as beautiful and fun as Courtney, right? Wrong. “I kind of realized that it’s too soon for me. I’m enjoying myself right now. I’m not even dating. It’s okay. I’ve just been through so much. It’s time to focus on other things,” the Bachelor alum revealed.

Well, don’t worry, Court. When you’re ready to date, we have boatloads of guys waiting for ya.

Reporting by Carole Glines.