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The Lying Game

Lying Game Season 2 Spoilers: Will Emma Find Out Who Her Birth Mother Is?

Now that The Lying Game is back in our lives (thank the stud gods), our entire world is consumed with tons of questions and not enough answers! Luckily, we're taking you on a trip to Spoiler City. First stop: Ethan's (Blair Redford) hair flop.

In case you hadn't noticed, Ethan is hopelessly in love with Emma but also Sutton (Alexandra Chando), and it's way too confusing for his hunky brain cell to handle.

"It’s a classic quadrangle," executive producer Chuck Pratt Jr. told TV Line. "This season there are two good triangles going on: One is Sutton and Emma both vying for Ethan, and the other is Emma between Ethan and Thayer (Christian Alexander). I personally have always loved the concept of Thayer as the safe choice and Ethan as their dangerous choice — who’s to say which is better and which is worse?"

Uhm, considering that Thayer has a giant poster of a dragon fantasy world in his room, we're going to go ahead and say Ethan is better. But moving on –– when will Emma and Sutton finally put this rivalry behind them and start getting along?

"Sutton will find herself looking at Emma and wishing she could be more like her,” Chuck continued. “At the same time, you’ve got Emma realizing that she’s slipped so easily into Sutton’s shoes: Is she becoming more dishonest [and] devious?"

Expect Emma to find out about her birth mother's real identity at some point this season, as well as Rebecca's real motives for revenge.

"Rebecca’s obvious desire for revenge, because the twins were separated and that’s not something she ever wanted," Chuck said. "She’s out to make whoever did this pay."

Which brings us to Alec (Adrian Pasdar), our favorite shadow-lurking teen killer. Turns out dude might not be that evil after all!

"He doesn’t ever prove to be a good guy because he’s done some things that will be revealed that are pretty awful — and I’m not sure even redeemable," Chuck hinted. "But in a strange way, we’ll understand that out of loyalty [to] his friend Ted — years ago and today — he’s done a lot of seedy things, but all with a firm belief of holding his family together."

Team Alec FTW! Keep on shadow-lurking, buddy. DO YOU!

Source: TV Line

01.16.2013 / 12:06 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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