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Revenge Season 2: 3 Things Nolan Ross’s Carrion Project Could Do

Things are happening on Revenge, and all of them are nerdy. Here's what we know: Back in ye olden times, Nolan Ross developed a mysterious computer program called Carrion, and everyone wants in on its action. Nolan shut down Carrion (presumably because it has the power to destroy the world), but it seems to have resurfaced in the form of a portable hard drive. Nolan's ex, Marco Romero, tried to convince him to start it back up, but it's Nolan's current lady, Padma Lahari, who really wants to get her hands on it.

We have so many questions, so the time has come to embrace our LARPer alter-ego, play some Dungeons and Dragons, and get our sleuth on! Check out our top 3 theories about what the Carrion Project could be capable of....

1. It's an Insider Trading Tool
What if Carrion allows corrupt corporate execs to cover their tracks while insider trading? No wonder The Initiative wants to get their hands on it! Of course, we have approximately zero idea how insider trading works, so hopefully Daniel can write a poem and explain it to us.

2. It's a Computer Virus
Did Nolan accidentally invent the computer virus to end all computer viruses? Because if said virus fell into the wrong hands (aka Daniel's recently lotioned paws), it could cause massive damage to Grayson Global's competition. Is Danny Boy about to wage cyber war?

3. It's Wipes Your Identity
Cast your mind back to The Dark Knight Rises and try not to get distracted by shirtless Christian Bale. Remember how Catwoman was searching for a program that could wipe her criminal history? If said program exists in the world of Revenge, it would be invaluable to The Initiative. Also, in this scenario Nolan is Batman and Daniel is Catwoman.

What do you think Carrion is capable of? Hit the comments!

01.16.2013 / 08:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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