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Revenge Season 2: What Do Nate and Kenny Ryan Want From Jack and Declan Porter?

Ever since Declan Porter became the world’s worst mansion robber, the notorious Ryan brothers have been after the Porters. When we time warped back to 2006 in Revenge’s Season 2 flashback episode, we learned that the Ryans think Carl Porter, Sr. killed their father, Joe Ryan.

So now Nate and Kenny Ryan are out for blood, but they’re not looking to kill the Porters (that we know of). Instead, they want to hit them where it hurts.

In last Sunday’s episode, Nate offered to buy The Stowaway for $1. Kenny tried to smooth things over, but Nate’s trying to take out the Porters’ business for good.

The Stowaway represents Carl Porter, Sr.’s legacy, the Porter’s home, and their livelihood. Take that away and everyone’s living on The Amanda. Basically, the Ryan brothers’ $1 offer was a direct smack in Jack and Declan’s scruffy faces.

Chances are this argument won’t end well. The consequences could be severe — perhaps in the form of a boat explosion, with dead bodies galore.

Do you think Declan and Jack should sell The Stowaway to avoid further conflict? Tell us below!

01.16.2013 / 09:30 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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