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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe on His Bachelor Love Connections: The “Spark Wears Off”

If you’ve watched even a second of The Bachelor Season 17, you’ve probably seen Sean Lowe make eyes at some ladies. In fact, he was so immediately taken with Tierra LiCausi, he hooked her up with a rose before she even set foot inside the Bachelor Mansion.

In the second episode, Sean made out with like twenty girls (okay, it was only a couple), which totally surprised us. Basically, we imagine that he walks around with a purity glow in a ring around himself. So, watching him (attempt to) put Arie’s kissing advice to (awkward) use was not what we expected to happen so early in the game.

Sean talked to OK! Magazine about meeting these girls and falling in love, and it’s not all roses and unicorns. “I’m really going into this with good intentions and I’m looking for a wife. I’m being introduced to 26 beautiful women. Some are crazy. But some are really smart and well accomplished. I think there is a possibility it could work,” Sean says of meeting the girls and finding love.

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We could definitely tell you which ones we’re talking about... but as for whether any of them is THE ONE, it’s a little harder to meet ‘n’ marry one of the eligible women without a few bumps on the way. “I think I saw four or five girls on the first night that in my head, I was like, 'Okay, they are going to there through the end,’” Sean says of the premiere.

“But, what I found was that initial attraction and spark wears off and I was drawn to other women whose personalities are unlike anyone else I ever dated. It’s new and it’s interesting and the whole time it’s like a roller coaster.”

Source: OK! Magazine