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Teen Mom

Farrah Abraham Waxed Sophia’s Brow to Protect Her From “Small Hygiene Changes”

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham shocked the world (and not in a good way) when she admitted to waxing her daughter Sophia's eyebrows while she slept. Ouch! Not only did girlfriend get blasted on Good Morning America, she even made Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist!

Farrah isn't one to apologize for her parenting decisions, and she's being more than a little defensive when it comes to Sophia's unusual beauty regime. "People are saying that what I did was horrible and hurtful,” she tells In Touch. “But Sophia was not harmed.”

Farrah decided to wax Sophia's adorable unibrow because of peer pressure. "It was other mothers and men I’ve dated and just random people commenting,” she says. “I didn’t want anything to lower my baby’s self-esteem!”

Farrah's been accused of obsessing over Sophia's appearance, but apparently she waxed her kiddo's brow due to hygiene concerns. “Sophia is told every day that she’s beautiful, but that doesn’t mean I should ignore real hair-growth issues," Farrah explains. "The public is putting everything in one pot. You need to separate love and hygiene. I take my experiences of self-doubt and I try to remember growth changes so that I can now best help Sophia, because I do not want any of these small hygiene changes to effect [sic] her life, her joy, her fun.”

We're not sure that a unibrow counts as a personal hygiene risk, but it's good to know that Sophia is told she's beautiful each and every day. We don't want her getting a complex about eyebrow maintenance, now do we?

Source: In Touch

01.17.2013 / 11:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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