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Lea Michele Says Glee Season 4, Episode 11: Sadie Hawkins is a “Shocker”

The Sadie Hawkins dance on next week’s episode of Glee might be taking place at McKinley, but its theme will help influence Rachel as well.

"Rachel learns she needs to take the lead in her relationship with Brody," she tells The Hollywood Reporter. "The last scene in the episode is a shocker it doesn't get too racy, but she makes a bold move."

A shocker?! We know that the two have already held hands and kissed, so we’re guessing that whatever they do has to be more salacious than that. Brace yourselves, Finchel fans.

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And speaking of Finn and Rachel, supporters of their relationship can take solace in knowing that the two will likely be interacting in an interesting way in the future.

“"[It's] nothing permanent yet, because I think it's important that they're each in their own storylines that I think are really good for them individually," she says. "I've heard some fun stuff that we might get to be doing together."

Count us in, regardless of what it is. We could definitely use a Finchel fix.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter