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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Phaedra Parks Sounds Off on Donkey Booty DVD Controversy, Slams Kenya Moore

We still have several days before we’ll be able to see the Donkey Booty DVD controversy really unfold, but in her blog for this week Phaedra Parks is giving us some insight into her side of the story, even refuting many of Kenya Moore’s claims in the process.

According to Phaedra, Kenya refused to use an attorney of her own and wanted to negotiate the deal by herself — something that really didn’t sit well with Phaedra, a high-powered lawyer.

“This blatant lack of rudimentary business acumen made me very skeptical as her resume and actions were not consistent with what she was telling us,” Phaedra reveals.

As for the distribution deal that Kenya touted about landing, Phaedra claims that she was never even asked to do such a thing! “We never asked Kenya to secure a distribution deal, she did that on her own accord, we asked her to produce (i.e. tape/record and edit) our workout DVD,” she continues. “However, she used my name to solicit offers.”

And while Kenya previously stated that she had done work for Phae-Phae and Apollo for free, Phaedra insists that she had always planned to pay the beauty queen a reasonable sum for her services. She states, “While she continuously said she was working for free, our research with over five different production companies revealed to us that with our $100K payment she would minimally net in profits no less than $47K for her services which is more than ample compensation for a day’s work and 2 half hour meetings.”

Burn, looks like Kenya has some explaining to do!

Lastly, Phaedra was none too pleased that Kenya kept talking to the other Housewives about the Donkey Booty mishap at every chance she got. “Kenya, who obviously does not have any current projects and/or business ventures, became obsessed with working on our project; taking every opportunity to whine about it with anyone who would listen.”

Um, what about her stallion booty video? We guess that idea didn’t really pan out …

What do you think of Phaedra’s remarks? Tell us now!


01.17.2013 / 01:27 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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