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Should Castle Season 5, Episode 11: “Under the Influence” Have Featured More Caskett Moments?

It’s no lie that after last week’s episode of Castle, Meredith left Beckett with a sour taste in her mouth (and ours for that matter.)

After revealing her ultimate reason for signing on the dotted divorce line, that Castle could never truly open up to her, we naturally assumed that this week would be chock-full of Beckett diving headfirst to unveil much more about the mystery, born Richard Alexander Rodgers. Or if nothing else, a few handshakes and some beautiful face time from these two. Is that too much to ask? Is anyone else opposed to an hour of Caskett quips and innuendos? Nope, we didn’t think so. Shame on us for dreaming.

But with the lack of Caskett screen time, our favorite Javier — Bardem is but a mere second — stole the show with his high dosage of badassery remixed with a softer side, surely the one Lanie fell in love with — we know we certainly did. In the end, we forgave Esposito’s juvie past, but maybe not his bachelor pad, unless he just wants to stay single forever. Regardless, Espo stepped up to the plate with Joey, aka mini-Javi, and hit a homerun. Another check plus for the good guys.

So Castle fans, would you have wanted more Caskett character development and make-out sessions? Or were you happy with Espo’s leading role in Season 5, Episode 11: “Under the Influence?” Sound off in the comments sections below.

01.17.2013 / 10:14 PM EDT by Alana McMillan
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