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The Lying Game

The Lying Game Season 2, Episode 2’s Biggest WTF Moments

Do you ever watch The Lying Game and realize that you're swimming in a fog of WTF confusion (aka a fog of Ethan's patchouli scented pheromones)? We love these crazy kids more than we love pizza, but let's be real: Some aspects of this show are more than a little WTF-inducing.

We've rounded up our favorite head-scratchers from this week's jaw-dropping episode! Feel free to read this list while making out with your brother.

1. Um, Mads Had Sex With Her Brother
Look, we don't want to make Mads (Alice Greczyn) feel bad when she's already a washed up alcoholic, but girl. You just had drunk-sex with your brother in a swimming pool. Sure, Jordan is technically Mads' step-brother, and yes she didn't know they were related, but still. This is us judging you, Madeline.

2. Everyone on This Show Is Secretly an Orphan
So, turns out Thayer (Christian Alexander) is basically Little Orphan Annie, only even nerdier (if that's possible). Thayer is the most recent person on The Lying Game to reveal that he was adopted, much like everyone else in Phoenix. Did any of you people have biological children? Next thing we know, Ethan is going to drop the bombshell that he's actually a feral desert child who was birthed out of a cactus flower.

3. No One Notices Emma Talking to Sutton
Remember when everyone was worried about Emma and Sutton (Alexandra Chando) being seen together? Yeah, that's over. Now these two hang out in public places all the time, and guess what? No one notices. In fact, Sutton and Emma have a full-blown conversation at school, and apparently Sutton's sunglasses are such a good disguise that no one thinks anything of it! The moral of the story? The kids in Phoenix aren't very smart (looking at you, Ethan).

4. Ethan Is a Mechanic, Apparently
You might think Jordan would take his broken motorcycle to a certified mechanic, but why do that when he can wander over to Ethan's desert shack and let a drunk high schooler fix it, right guys? Sure, Ethan spends a lot of time passed out in lawn chairs, but apparently he's really good at forging metal. Just deal with it. PS: if only poor Ethan could write papers on The History of Studliness. He'd win all the awards!

5. Mads Passes Out In Mysterious Alley
So, here's what happened: Mads showed up at Jordan's party, proceeded to get drunk, tell her brother that he's an unlovable orphan, and curl up in the fetal position on some cement alley. Because apparently Rebecca Sewell's house has alleys for drunk and homeless teenagers to "find themselves" in. Please join us as we pray to The Lying Game goddesses that the poor girl didn't pick up any strange venereal diseases while passed out.

01.17.2013 / 02:31 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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