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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Season 3 Spoilers: What Happens on Episode 4, Besides a Hot New Footman Arriving?

Downton Abbey Season 3 is airing Episode 4 this Sunday, January 20. PBS is calling it Episode 3 for some reason, even though the first two episodes aired back-to-back on January 6, with Ep 3 last week on January 13. This has all aired already in the U.K., so we know what's going to happen this week.

Do you want major spoiler details? Here's the short version.

BRANSON, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? The preview (below) shows Lord Grantham yelling at Branson for leaving his pregnant wife back in Ireland. It turns out, some revolutionaries attacked a castle in Ireland, evicted the family and burned the place down. Branson was found at the burning and is wanted by police, so he escaped to Downton without Sybil. She eventually returns to Downton safely, though, and Lord Grantham is able to finagle things so Branson can stay in England. He'll be arrested if he returns to Ireland, though.

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ANNA AND BATES CAN’T CATCH A BREAK: Anna and Bates have a miscommunication, due to Bates's cellmate getting back at him. The cellmate is in league with one of the guards selling drugs, and they got Bates on the Governor's watch list, so Anna wasn't allowed to see him and he didn't get any of her letters. Eventually, Bates gets Anna's letters and she gets his and they know they still love each other.

TEAM EDITH FOREVER, Y’ALL, FOREVER! Edith needs something to do after being dumped at the altar, and after a discussion about women's voting rights, Matthew suggests she write to the Times about it. (Get ready to hear the amazing Dowager Countess of Grantham tell Edith that as a “woman with a brain, and reasonable ability,” she needs to “stop whining and find something to do.”) Edith does write to the Times about it and her letter gets published, which mortifies the family since, apparently, this is not something that ladies do. Go, Edith!

ANOTHER HOT GUY ARRIVES, PRAISE CARSON: A hot new footman is recruited by Carson. His name is James/Jimmy and he attracts the interest of the female staff — and Thomas. O'Brien catches Thomas checking Jimmy out, which will probably not end well for him. Also, the new kitchen maid, Ivy, upsets Daisy because she draws Alfred's attention away. So ... lots of downstairs romance drama!

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