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Teen Mom

Is Jenelle Evans Faking Her Pregnancy? The Teen Mom 2 Star Comes Clean!

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans announced her second pregnancy one day ago, and the Internet is already swarming with fans accusing her of faking those adorable ultra-sound pictures. Pshhh, as if!

But is Jenelle letting the haters get to her? Don't count on it — this gal is even more feisty than ever now that cray-cray pregnancy hormones are flying around her body, and she's taken it to Twitter to defend her honor. "Lmfao wow u guys really are in denial about this news," Jenelle tweeted, adding. "lmfao never ever used photoshop in my LIFE. Idk how to work it at ALL."

Jenelle's ultrasound looks pretty legit to us — it's dated 1/10/13 and says she's six weeks two days pregnant. But haters gonna hate. Jenelle's final words on the subject? "yr going to feel really stupid and dumb when u find out I'm not lying."

Much like Shakira's hips, baby bumps don't lie. Hopefully these doubting fans will start supporting Jenelley once she starts showing in a few months!

Source: Twitter / Twitter / Twitter

01.18.2013 / 09:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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