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Kevin McHale on Glee Season 4: “Everybody’s at a Crossroads” — Exclusive

Graduation is creeping up for many of the New Directions, including original member Artie Abrams (Kevin McHale). So, what’s in store for him and the rest of the seniors at McKinley? During Fox’s TCA party, Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with Kevin, where he gave some details on what we can expect in the second half of the season.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What's happening in spring?

Kevin McHale: A lot! We pick up with people having to kind of face questions of what they want to do with their lives. You know, easy stuff.

Is graduation on their minds again?

I feel like it's that kind of the middle-of-the-school-year type of thing where it's like, yeah, you really have to commit to what you're doing. And I think the glee club's in a weird place.

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Well, they lost Sectionals, and for some of us, it's our last year. It's not how we thought it would go. We're not living up to expectations. And New York meant big changes, positive changes, with Kurt [Chris Colfer] getting into NYADA. It's very transitional where we left off. So we pick up in the midst of all that craziness. I think the first episode back really sets the tone for all of that. We need to focus. Like, “Hold on, what's actually happening here?”

So what's Artie's journey for the spring arc?

Well, he's graduating. I think the Christmas episode was big because all the characters, they're really becoming comfortable with themselves and figuring out what they want to do and being okay with that. With Blaine [Darren Criss] and Brittany [Heather Morris] and Tina [Jenna Ushkowitz] and Artie, I think you'll see them all coming together and being strong and figuring out what they want to do. Everybody's kind of at a crossroads in their own lives.

What does he want to do?

I don't know. I feel like right now the natural progression is maybe pursue directing, something like that. But luckily, thank God, I don't have to come up with that stuff because the show would have been cancelled after two episodes, if that. So whatever they choose to do I know will be appropriate because they handled the transition to New York, I think, so well. It couldn't have gone any smoother.

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Do you still enjoy it?

Yes, I do. I want to be around as long as they want me. I love it.

How is it different now?

It's different in that it's become normal now, a little bit. It's still odd. Like today was my first day back, and I'm like, “it's really weird.” I was just in Texas with family, and here I am, looking around at all the cameras and stuff. I had to remind myself, this is a privilege that I actually get to do this every day and show up. It is work, but at the same time, it's what I want to be doing. And not everybody can say that. So, I realize how fortunate I am to be doing that.

Do you think Artie and Sugar will ever be revisited?

Vanessa [Lengies (Sugar)] and I sure hope so. We keep trying to push it. There's times in episodes where it actually makes it into the episodes where it's not scripted, but we throw in stuff with each other. We're really gunning for it.

What about the diva episode? What can you say?

The girls have been working their butts off. A bunch of us got to watch Jenna today do an incredible, athletic number with all these dancers. They're bringing it. It's fun. Episodes like this, the guys get to switch off. For this episode, we're getting to watch the girls do some incredible numbers.

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