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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Does Emily Thorne Feel Guilty For “Leading On” Daniel Grayson? (VIDEO)

These days, Emily Thorne’s back in the Grayson game, rekindling the flame with past lover, Daniel Grayson. But Revenge’s master of disguise isn’t without remorse.

Her feelings for Daniel were once (if not still) genuine, making her latest mission all the more challenging. Another complication is current boyfriend, Aiden Mathis. Aiden knows Emily’s game, but he still has to deal with his lady love seeking comfort in another man’s arms.

In this sneak peek for Sunday’s episode, “Collusion,” we see Emily and Aiden reuniting on a secluded beach.

“I needed an honest moment,” Emily admits. “I miss you.”

“How are you doing with it?” Aiden asks.

“As well as a woman leading on her ex-fiancé could possibly feel about herself,” Emily answers.

But is she really leading on Daniel? We have a hunch that those old feelings are about to heat up again. Especially since we saw the couple in bed together in this week’s promo!

Do you think Emily is just using Daniel or does she really care for him? Tell us below!