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Jersey Shore

Skin Cancer Foundation Wants Tanning Warning Ads on Jersey Shore Reruns: Do You Agree?

On Jersey Shore, it was all about three letters: GTL. During the show’s six seasons, the routine of “gym, tan, laundry” was shown frequently — usually before the cast hit the clubs at night.

But do our favorite guidos and guidettes regret their constant tanning? Not a bit, though naysayers claim that they’re setting a bad example for young, impressionable viewers.

According to USA Today, the Skin Cancer Foundation thinks that reruns of the MTV show are still encouraging viewers to use harmful tanning beds and wants a Federal Trade Commission investigation of the matter and on-screen warning messages during each episode!

However, MTV has declined the request, stating, “We applaud the Skin Care Foundation’s efforts to bring attention to these issues, which are important to our audiences and the public health generally. But latching on to the fame of Jersey Shore is misguided. MTV regularly engages its audience on a whole host of young health, including sexual health, mental health, dating abuse, skin cancer and others. Ultimately, we’ve seen time and time again that our audiences can be trusted to understand the difference between entertainment and responsible and safe behavior and to act accordingly.”

Does the SCF have a valid point, or is MTV dead-on with their response? Hit the comments with your reactions!

Source: USA Today

01.18.2013 / 11:30 PM EDT by Amanda Bell
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