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The Bachelor

The Bachelor’s Sarah Herron on Having One Arm: “It Helped Me Stand Out”

We're in love with Sean Lowe's potential baby maker, Sarah Herron, who (in case you missed it) only has one arm. Sarah's physical disadvantage has made her a stronger person, and bonus — it helped her catch Sean's eye!

"My situation played a role in a positive way," Sarah tells People. "It helped me stand out and catch his attention when I introduced myself to Sean. I hope it's because he saw me as a unique, strong, courageous individual and that I deserved the opportunity just as much as anybody else."

Credit: Sarah Herron    

Sarah is one of the sweetest most genuine ladies living in Chris Harrison's prison of love, and her situation definitely didn't prevent Sean from fawning all over her — quite the opposite. "I was worried about Sean liking me, but I was not concerned about what the public would say," she explains. "I've grown up with that and have pretty thick skin. But I've been reading comments online. It has been incredibly positive and uplifting. Truthfully, I went on the show to meet Sean, not be a role model."

Sarah says the other ladies vying for Sean's love welcomed her into the fold without hesitation. "If any of them thought it was bizarre or off-putting, they kept it to themselves and never made it an issue to my face," Sarah says. "The girls were very sweet, welcoming and immediately bonded with me."

Sigh, Sean's harem will be sharing traveling pants in no time!

Source: People

01.18.2013 / 11:29 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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