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Which Cast Member Says Brittana “Won’t Get Back Together?”

Glee’s Naya Rivera has stated recently that she is a big Brittana supporter, but Heather Morris doesn’t seem to be quite so convinced. Deep breaths, everyone.

"They're friends, but they won't get back together, I don't think," Heather said of Santana and Brittany during a panel discussion at the TCA press tour. Please do whatever you need to avoid a huge rage blackout.

We previously reported that Heather thinks Brittany and Santana were “more best friends and [Santana] stuck with me.” Heather also says, “I don't think they were great for each other, even though they're best friends.” What are you trying to do to us, Heather?!

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On the other hand, Heather feels that Sam gives Brittany “more room to just be herself.” She says they can both be “weird” together.

Chord, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to think that this is the end of the road for Brittana. “I don't know who's going to end up together, but I think Sam and Brittany is funny because it gives a bit of comic relief,” he says. “At the same time, the story she has with Santana is super sweet.”

“I don't think [Brittana] fans should be as upset they should be more excited for what's to come for both scenarios," Chord continues. Phew.

He realizes that Brittana’s split is tough for fans, "but I also think there has to be a little separation to have that kind of tension to, 'Are they going to get back together, or are they not?' It adds the drama you need.”

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If you ask us, we don’t need that type of drama at all we just want Brittany and Santana back together! Insert pouty face here.

However, Chord’s comments have us feeling a lot more optimistic about Brittana’s future than Heather’s remarks do. So we’ll just choose to focus on his quotes, okay?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter