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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore Insults Phaedra Parks, Claims “No One Wanted” Her Donkey Booty Video!

Yesterday, we shared Phaedra Parks’ thoughts on the Donkey Booty debacle, and now Kenya Moore is giving her two cents via her blog. Even though she states that she once considered Phaedra a friend, the beauty queen has some harsh words for her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star.

“This entire falling out is simply over Phaedra’s pure greed, over-inflated ego, and her desire to exploit our friendship,” Kenya begins. “It appears that everybody knows that Phaedra is shady except for me. She will try to sell you anything including a boldface lie with her ‘spin’ tactics i.e. baby gate.”

Whoa, girl, baby gate (when Phaedra fibbed about how far along she was in her first pregnancy) was before your time. Let’s keep the swipes current, shall we?

Still, Kenya insists that she only had Phaedra’s best interests at heart when she negotiated a distribution deal for the DVD — and she expected to be rewarded accordingly. She explains, “My distribution deal would have paid for MOST if not ALL of the costs to make the video because of the cash advance offered. For that, all I asked is for a mere 10% of her profits from the sales if any. Reasonable? OF COURSE.”

While this disagreement is far from over, Kenya is clearly still bitter about the way things went down, and concluded her blog with some nasty thoughts about Phae-Phae and her Donkey Booty.

Kenya writes off Phaedra, saying, “She bragged about having other offers on the table yet, she distributed herself online to to abysmal sales using her own money. The truth is, no one wanted her video because they did not believe in her or her gimmicky video.”

Oh no you did not, Kenya! We can’t speak for the sales of the DVD, but Phaedra’s Twitter feed is loaded with people singing its praises. And while we understand where Kenya is coming from, she was too harsh for our tastes.

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01.19.2013 / 12:37 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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