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Spoiler Roundup For Revenge Season 2, Episode 12: “Collusion”

Things are heating up on Revenge, and we're not just talking about the fact that Daniel is shirtless during most of this week's all-new episode. We're in for a jaw-dropping hour of non-stop six-packs (er, and entertainment), so check out the spoilers for Revenge Season 2, Episode 12 "Collusion."

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– [SPOILER] Is Ordered to Kill Victoria Grayson
In the promo for this week’s episode, Helen Crowley orders one of our revengers to kill Victoria. And by the looks of his sniper rifle, he seems pretty determined to carry out her orders.

– [SPOILER] Takes a “Very Dark Turn”
It makes sense that one of our key Hamptonites would take a turn for the worse, and according to the synopsis for this Sunday’s episode, “Collusion,” Emily's British boy toy “takes a very dark turn.”

– Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke’s Future Is in the Hands of...
In last week’s episode, Charlotte went to Conrad for assistance in busting Jack Porter out of jail. Now, “Jack and Amanda's future lands in the unlikely hands of Conrad Grayson!”

– Revenge Season 2, Episode 12, "Collusion" Synopsis Revealed: Emily Thorne Stands By Her Man
Based on the latest synopsis, Revenge couldn’t get tastier if it came in caviar form. Now that Daniel Grayson has his poetic muse, Emily Thorne, back, he’s using her support to help him become a leader in the business world.

– Does Emily Thorne Feel Guilty For “Leading On” Daniel Grayson?
Emily tells Aiden she's "leading on" Daniel, but is she telling the truth? We have a hunch that those old feelings are about to heat up again. Especially since we saw the couple in bed together in this week’s promo!

– Nolan Calls Padma’s Bluff
When will Nolan Ross uncover the details behind Padma’s Nolcorp coup? In this sneak peek for Sunday’s episode, we see Nolan lying in bed with Pads. He softly says, “I know what you’re up to.” Could this be the big reveal?

Spoiler Photos From Revenge Season 2, Episode 12, "Collusion": Look Who's Back in Grayson Manor!
Check out these new spoilerific photos! Who is Aiden pointing that gun at, and how did Ashley Davenport get back inside Grayson Manor unscathed? Click on to find out!

– Charlotte Grayson Makes a Drastic Change
Considering she’s actually the daughter of Victoria Grayson and David Clarke, Charlotte is ready to change her last name to reflect her true paternity.

– Revenge Season 2: Amanda Clarke Confides in Conrad Grayson
Amanda tells Conrad and Ashley that Matt Duncan is responsible for the murder of Joe Ryan Sr. What will Jack think of her revelation?!

– 7 Things We Learned About Revenge Season 2, Episode 12: “Collusion” From the Promo
In this new promo for Revenge Season 2, Episode 12: “Collusion,” our favorite Hamptonites are up to no good (per usual), and it’s about to bite them in their bandage-dress clad asses. Check out our analysis!

– [SPOILER] Makes a Pass at Victoria Grayson!
Another powerful man wants a piece of the Vicki Grayson pie! Conrad’s former business rival, Jason Prosser, seems to have an interest in Victoria –– will their relationship heat up?


– Emily and Aiden Make Out on the Beach
Though she's busy working on her "fauxmance" with Daniel Grayson, Emily Thorne still takes the time to see her real flame, Aiden Mathis. Check out this sneak peek of their steamy encounter.

– Nolan and Padma Share Pillow Talk
We all know that Padma Lahari is up to no good, but Nolan still thinks his lady love is perfect. In this sneak peek, she's busy trying to find him a new pad. Could The Initiative be involved?

– Charlotte Makes a Surprising Birthday Wish
Now that young Charlotte Grayson has added another year to her life, she's ready to make some grown up decisions.

– Amanda and Jack Seek Conrad's Help
Surprisingly, Conrad Grayson is trying to help Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke out of a tight spot with some bad guys. But Jack's desire to protect Matt Duncan could put their whole family at risk.

– Daniel Picks a Fight With Victoria
Once again, Victoria is meddling in Grayson Global's affairs in the hopes of saving her son. But Daniel's not too pleased with her backdoor tactics.

Catch a new episode of Revenge on Sunday, Jan. 20 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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