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Jersey Shore

In Defense of Snooki: What We Can All Learn From the World’s Most Mocked Guidette

Jersey Shore's Snooki is the object of immense ridicule. From anonymous internet haters to high brow cultural commenters, everyone seems inclined to point to the Jersey Shore kids, and often Snooki in particular, as a sure sign of the oncoming apocalypse. We're tired of it.

Don't get us wrong. We're not about to shout "LEAVE SNOOKI ALONE." She chose to put herself in the public eye; mocking comes with the territory, and anyone who voluntarily brands themselves a meatball can roll with the punches. But with so much blind hatred flying around, the world often misses a key part of what makes Snooki such an intriguing reality figure: hidden under the leopard print and whale sperm jokes is a girl who's not only relatable, but actually admirable.

Yeah, you read that right. We're not saying anyone should model their life after the woman who once humped a potted plant, but in some ways — note the some — we can all learn from Snooki. Seriously.

Here's five ways Snooki kinda rocks at life.

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1. Self Confidence. One common complaint is that Snooki's a terrible role model who sends subliminal messages across the airwaves, converting America's youth into dayglo orange idiots. But honestly, she's just Snooki being Snooki. Snooks isn't Hollywood Hot, but she's still happy to flaunt her stuff. Far from the catty, scheming backstabbers that populate so much of reality TV, Snooks is blatantly open with her emotions. It's refreshing to see someone who so thoroughly and happily owns her actions, even if said actions are blatantly ludicrous.

2. Openness about sex. One actively positive message Snooki puts out there is that women of every shape and size can be sexy and fulfilled in their love lives. Oh, you might not think she's hot, but Snooks sure does. Even at her heaviest, and therefore least "conventionally attractive," Snooki was always up for squeezing into a tiny dress and hitting on guidos at the club. Now she's found love and — as she's made abundantly clear — she and Jionni have a rockin' sex life. Good for her.

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3. Friendship. When they fight, Snooki and JWOWW go for the jugular. But no matter how hard they scream or how annoyed they get, they always have each others' backs when it matters. Watching their friendship blossom across six seasons of Jersey Shore (and now in Snooki & JWOWW) has been a legitimately touching experience. Movies, TV, and the media so often pit women against one another, but with Snooki and JWOWW — and also Team Meatball — it really is ovaries before brovaries.

4. Responsibility.
Haters gonna hate, but we know that Snooki is a great mom to baby Lorenzo. Pregnancy flipped a switch in her, turning the irresponsible party girl into a safely sober mama, and now it's clear that Lorenzo is the most important part of her life. We hope we rise to the occasion as smoothly next time life throws us a curveball.

5. Self Awareness. Snooks was a hot mess on Jersey Shore, but at least she knows it. She joked about letting her kid watch the show so they learn what not to do. And gal has gamed the system well: She's turned what could be flash-in-the-pan stardom into a formidable branding machine. You might not approve of her methods, but Snooki has transformed herself from wannabe vet tech to mini-mogul in a matter of years, and she picked up a loving fiancé along the way.

That ain't half bad for a girl who's only 25!

Rebecca Martin is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @BeccaMartin47.

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01.20.2013 / 10:30 PM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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