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Teen Mom

Is Newly Pregnant Jenelle Evans Still Taking Her Bipolar Meds?

We seriously couldn't be more excited about Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans's pregnancy. In fact, the only thing we're more excited about is celebrating said pregnancy over a nice crisp bowl of endless salad at Olive Garden. (FYI, endless salad is code for endless breadsticks.)

Jenelle is due this coming September, but we have a few questions. Namely, is girlfriend still taking her bipolar medication? Of course not, y'all! Despite the fact that Jenelle is slightly unstable when she's unmedicated, she's doing what's best for her baby and skipping the meds.

"I chose to take myself off of any drugs the second I found out I was pregnant," Jenelle explains on Sulia. "At the doctor's office I go to they give me a urine test every time I go to test for vitamins but also drug substances. If the baby is born withdrawing then CPS will give you no chances and take the baby straight away."

Good to know that Jenelle is prioritizing her baby's health! We have complete faith that she'll make it through her second pregnancy like a champ. "I don't drink and didn't while I was pregnant with Jace," she says. "If I can give birth to a beautiful baby boy then I'm sure I can handle a second pregnancy."

So, that leaves us with just one question. Do they make maternity Snuggies?

Source: Sulia

01.21.2013 / 11:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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