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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 12 Recap: Dr. Whale’s Past Revealed!

Oh, brother! In this week’s Once Upon a Time (Season 2, Episode 12: “In the Name of the Brother”), Emma (Jennifer Morrison) gets duped, Cora (Barbara Hershey) explores her inner child, and Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) attempt to connect with Belle's (Emilie de Ravin) is not a smashing success.

Gold Is a Lady Killer Along With Being a Regular Killer

Last week, Hook shot Belle before being struck by a mysterious car (although his guyliner remains remarkably intact). This week, Gold retaliates with a swift kick to Hook’s face, and Emma has to plead with him not to do worse. What, you thought Gold was just going to write Hook a strongly worded letter to express his frustration?

The three victims — Belle, Hook and the unknown driver — are rushed to the hospital, with the driver having sustained serious injuries. Gold, who has never been Mr. Subtle, sneaks into Belle’s room and kisses her while she’s sleeping, which she clearly does not appreciate. “True love’s kiss” is usually heartwarming, but when one person has no memory of the other person, it’s slightly unsettling.

Emma tries a different tactic to get what she wants out of an ailing Hook — pain. Yes, these two certainly have a strange method of flirting. Hook then tells her he doesn’t know where Cora is, while Emma warns him it’s not a good idea to piss off Gold. Those are wise words indeed, Emma.

Gold gets a (very) unwelcome visitor in the form of Cora, who hands him a magic globe. In exchange, she wants info on Regina’s (Lana Parrilla) whereabouts. And if these methods don’t work, we suppose Cora and Gold will just resort to putting their kids’ pictures on milk cartons.

Before Cora leaves Gold’s antique shop is perhaps the most shocking scene of the night: Cora kisses Gold, revealing they used to hook up! Our heads are still in the process of exploding. And we’d hate to think how Belle will feel if she regains her memory and realizes that Gold kissed Cora while she was in the hospital. We suppose Gold could say, “Well, you lost your identity, so I kinda assumed we were on a break.”

Can You Lend a (Plaster Cast) Hand?

Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and the townspeople are worried about what might happen to the town if this mysterious stranger spreads the word about this wild, wacky town. David convinces them Dr. Whale/Frankenstein(David Anders) should do what he can to save the stranger, but when they go looking for Whale, they realize he’s hightailed it outta there. That’s the kind of stability you look for in a surgeon, right?

Regina is getting a little “me” time in her vault when Henry (Jared Gilmore) pops in although “Henry” turns out to be everyone’s favorite unwelcome visitor, Cora. (Cora really likes to shapeshift these days, no?) Cora promises to apologize to the townspeople, but when she gets in the car, she mentions a plan to help Regina get Henry back. We’re afraid.

Ruby tracks down Whale and finds him about to take a long walk off a short pier. She has a monster-to-monster chat with him and encourages him to forget about his previous mistakes. And if a woman who once ate her own boyfriend is able to put the past behind her, anyone can.

Did Somebody Say, “Road Trip”?

Whale returns and fixes the stranger right up. Emma then tries to figure out how much he knows about their town, but he claims to have been texting and not seen a thing. But is he lying? When Emma leaves, the stranger calls someone named “Her,” saying she won’t believe what he saw. Storybrooke, prepare to meet the paparazzi.

Gold’s final hope is that the chipped mug will job Belle’s memory, but instead she decides to add a few more chips to it. At that, Gold decides to drop some of his blood on Cora’s globe (gross!), which causes it to turn into a map that will help him find Baelfire. And by the way, how did Gold know that blood would make the globe work? Did the globe come with an instruction manual that we aren’t aware of?

So Gold is off on his journey, as soon as he’s warned the townspeople to protect Belle while he’s gone or he’ll kill them all. But no pressure or anything.

It’s Alive! Sorta!

We flashback to Whale’s creepy black-and-white world, where we meet his brother Gerhardt. Their father prefers Gerhardt over Victor and gives their late mother’s watch to Gerhardt, which Victor clearly wanted. Not cool. So Victor and Gerhardt’s relationship is kinda complicated.

One night, Victor is spending a relaxing evening digging up corpses which we all do from time to time when Gerhardt drops by, only to get shot by a soldier. Getting killed for being at a cemetery? Now that’s ironic.

So Victor and Igor bring Gerhardt back to life with Regina’s magic heart, but he clearly isn’t back to his old self. Victor tells Zombie Gerhardt to say hello to their father, and Gerhardyt proceeds to pummel their father to death as Victor calmly looks on. Talk about tough love.

Victor locks Zombie Gerhardt in a cell and tries to shoot him — but he can’t pull the trigger. Poor Victor is convinced he can still find a way to save him. But in Storybrooke, some stories don’t have a happy ending.

Three Biggest Mysteries of the Night:

1. Who is the mysterious stranger? Could his Star Wars ringtone be a clue? After all, considering the only father-son relationship more complicated than Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker’s is Rumple and Bealfire’s, we wouldn’t be surprised if Neal reveals himself to be Rumple’s son.

2. So Cora and Gold used to be a thing? Crazy! We can’t wait to find out more about this oh-so-sordid news. And we’re still wondering what Cora has in mind for Regina. Whatever it is, we don’t think she plans to win Henry back with random acts of kindness.

3. Will Belle ever remember her past with Gold? Because, as excited we are to see whether Gold can find Bae, the fact that he’s leaving Belle behind has us worried he’s giving up on her for the time being. And speaking of romance, might Ruby and Whale give things a shot? That would be a weird couple, but on this show, “weird couple” is par for the course.

What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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