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Teen Mom

Pregnant Jenelle Evans Admits She’s Unhappy in Her Marriage, Turns to Ex-Fiance Gary Head!

Bad news, bears. Hot off the heels of announcing her pregnancy, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans and her husband, Courtland Rogers, seem to have broken up. Again. The details are vague as usual, but Jenelle and Courtland are both traumatized.

"Heartbroken in half completely," Jenelle tweeted on January 21, adding "And just to think I fooled myself into thinking I was happy, happiness doesn't exist it seems like. Just when I'm around my one and only."

Meanwhile, Courtland went on an epic Twitter rant, writing "She deserves somebody better!! A guy with a job a house and the perseverance to b anything they wanna be I'm a piece of s— and I now know!"

Courtland says he misses Jenelle "like a million times more than anything else in the world," and writes that "now all I can do is pray for our little angel and pray for her as well @PBandJenelley_1 sometimes life gets tuff where do I go from here?"

Unfortunately, it looks like Jenelle has already moved on from Courtland … straight into the newly-single arms of her ex-fiance, Gary Head. Let's not forget that Gary and Jenelle were in an abusive relationship, so it might not be the best idea for them to reunite — even as friends.

Not only did Gary spend the morning re-tweeting Jenelle's words of wisdom, he also tweeted that he's been messaging Jenelle. "I know this is probally a mistake but right now. We KNOW each other and a friend is all I need," he added.

Love triangle alert! Everyone deserves a second chance, but fingers crossed that Jenelle and Courtland are able to work things out for the sake of the bun in Jenelley's oven!