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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives’ Kyle Richards: I Was Shocked By Mauricio’s Behavior on Last Week’s Episode

Kyle Richards says she was not expecting her husband Mauricio's behavior on last week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

"I have NEVER seen Mauricio like we all saw him in last [week]'s episode," she writes in her Bravo blog. "He is always the calm one in any situation. However, he felt strongly about the subject matter."

"Adrienne and Paul stopped socializing with the group after what Brandi said," Kyle continues. "Mauricio and Paul are good friends, and he was hearing from Paul the pain that they were going through. Mauricio felt that a phone call would benefit Paul, Adrienne, AND Brandi. That is how he deals with problems — directly."

Kyle says she was quite surprised to see Mauricio and Ken go at it. "I wanted Mauricio and Ken to stop because they are also friends and usually the voice of reason when we are having problems," she says.

Kyle explains that she and Brandi had actually moved on already. "Brandi and I were fine and in a good place," Kyle points out. "However, the subject is still too hot. It keeps coming up over and over again. Each time it gets brought up, more people get involved and more relationships are put to the test."

Also, Kyle says she was initially concerned about Kim Richards's serious conversation topics at the restaurant, but she's grateful that Kim is so focused on repairing their relationship.

"I was happy to hear what Kim was saying and know we needed to have those conversations, as uncomfortable as they can make me sometimes," Kyle writes.

The dinner drama just wouldn't stop last week!

Source: Kyle's Bravo blog