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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Power Rankings For Season 3, Episode 9: “Moroccan Madness”

Who’s livin’ large, and who’s been relegated to the pool house? We rank The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for Season 3, Episode 9: “Moroccan Madness,” in our weekly Power Rankings. Let the countdown begin!

Ranking: 8 (out of 8)
Last week: 6 (out of 7)
Here’s why: We’re still waiting for her to find a happier path, so hearing her bring up Camille’s comments from last season, followed by her somewhat nonsensical comments about not leaving the Moroccan restaurant, isn’t quite what we’re hoping for. We’re still pulling for you, Tay.

Ranking: 7
Last week: 7
Here’s why: It does seem like Kyle wants to get back on good terms with Kim, but making cracks about Kim’s flakiness and doubting that she can maintain her sobriety isn’t the best way to do that. Now that Kyle and Kim are doing better in real life, we can’t wait to see that reflected on the show.

Ranking: 6
Last Week: 1
Here’s why: Let’s go ahead and face facts: Brandi did not have a fun week. We didn’t think things could get worse after the episode started with her awkward convo with Scheana, but we were wrong, as she and Mauricio go at it about whether Brandi should call Adrienne Maloof. (Brandi’s should’ve said, “I’ll call her, maybe.”) Finally, Brandi tells Mauricio to “shut the f**k up,” which is becoming her go-to response.

Ranking: 5
Last week: 4
Here’s why: It’s great that Yolanda wants Kim to purify her system and stay healthy, but it’s a bit funny that Yolanda seems so shocked that someone might not want to fast for 10 days. Also, it’s nice to see her and Kyle starting to develop a friendship, even though they don’t seem to be completely connecting just yet.

Ranking: 4
Last week: N/A
Here’s why: We haven’t seen much from this newbie yet, but we’re liking what we see. She definitely seems to be forming her own opinions about the ladies, and she also manages to stay out of the drama for now. Let’s just hope that continues!

Ranking: 3
Last week: N/A
Here’s why: Kyle says that Kim bringing up their issues at the restaurant wasn’t the right time, which might be true. But if Kim waited for some type of perfect opportunity to talk to Kyle, the two might never move forward. And we’re a little baffled as to why Kim seems to have completely forgotten her plans to meet with Yolanda, but we suppose Kim is going through a lot these days.

Ranking: 2
Last week: 2
Here’s why: Camille could have gotten upset when Taylor yet again brought up wanting to sue Camille for her comments about Russell last season. But she didn’t, and she was even a good sport when Taylor grabbed her and Brandi’s hands in a “girl power” move during the evening. Way to stay calm, Camille.

Ranking: 1
Last week: 3
Here’s why: After having spent three straight weeks at number one, Lisa dropped out of the top briefly last week but now she’s back! We admire that Lisa didn’t get too involved in Brandi and Adrienne’s kerfuffle other than to hilariously warn Ken not to say anything to get himself sued. But what we liked most from her was that adorable scene with Ken in the swing. We want a turn!

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