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Top 10 Revenge Quotes From Season 2, Episode 12, “Collusion”: “You Love Kumamotos, Right?”

Tragically, Declan was barely featured in this week's episode, which means the quotes were slightly less deranged than usual. But fear not, Revengers! Daniel's shirtlessness brought out his inner poet (and his outer six-pack), and we've rounded up the top 10 zingers of the episode for you to re-live!

10. Aiden gets a case of the jellies: "Oysters … subtle."
Because nothing's hotter than binge eating raw sea creatures and having sex.

9. Nolan sad faces at his house key: "The key … it’s a little … pedestrian."
Only mere mortals use keys.

8. Daniel flirts with Emily: "You love kumamotos, right?"
Daniel's knowledge of raw fish is seriously creeping us out.

7. Conrad hands Charlotte a check: "Just don’t spend it all in 10 places."
Fingers crossed she'll buy Declan a makeover.

6. Victoria eyes Ashley: "It seems that the cat has dragged itself back in."
Ashley is so Tom to Victoria's Jerry.

5. Conrad tries not to mouth-vom at Jack: "My daughter chooses to spend her leisure time at your questionable establishment."
Before we know it Charlotte will be drinking beer. The horror.

4. Nolan answers a call from Daniel: "Hey big hancho, or is it head cheese?"
All that matters is that Daniel was shirtless during this conversation. Swoon!

3. Padma mocks Nolan's nerdiness: "You stopped listening at 'avatar,' didn’t you?"
Ahhhh, horrible flashbacks to Na'vi tail sex. Make it stop.

2. Daniel remains bitter: "I'm sure my mother did what she had to do to keep him wrapped around her talon."
It's like he just can't help his poetic limericks!

1. Nolan le sighs: "It seems nothing could save me from evil spirits."
Sammy the Dog is still haunting him, we assume.

01.21.2013 / 08:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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