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What Are the Bacon Numbers of Your Favorite Wetpaint Celebrities? (PHOTOS)

With ;The Following having premiered on FOX last night (Jan. 21), let's focus on that ;widespread theory that no one actor is more than six degrees of separation from the show's star Kevin Bacon. And now Google can prove it!

A little history: Sometime in the mid-’90s, a discussion thread was started on the Internet about how Kevin Bacon is the center of the Hollywood universe. Then Jon Stewart interviewed a trio of college students who turned the idea into a trivia game on his MTV talk show, and bam! Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon was born.

And now Google is in on the fun. Type any celebrity into the search box followed by the phrase “Bacon number,” and Google will connect the showbiz dots and show you how far removed that celeb is from Kevin Bacon and how they’re connected.

So we rounded up the results for some of your favorite Wetpaint celebrities. And guess what, no one surpassed 3 degrees. Kevin is just that popular. Click through for the results.