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Who Died in Revenge Season 2, Episode 12, “Collusion”?

Once again, Emily Thorne has steered a loved one down a dangerous path. In tonight’s episode of Revenge, “Collusion,” The Initiative’s Helen Crowley told Aiden Mathis to kill Victoria Grayson or else she’d take out his sister, Colleen.

The Initiative’s sultry spokeswoman had the video to prove Colleen’s existence, and Aiden didn’t doubt her for a second. He quickly travelled to Los Angeles to take out the Ice Queen outside of her natural habitat.

But when Emily discovered what her boy toy was up to, she quickly put a stop to it, telling Aiden to abandon this hitman mission and tell The Initiative they were even with Daniel’s success in the Stonehaven United deal.

Aiden agreed, but the plan hit a major snag when Helen sent another video of his sister overdosing on heroin. They made her murder look like a mistake and put it all on film for Aiden to see.

Emily’s not convinced that Colleen’s dead, but Aiden no longer cares. He blames Emily for his sister's possible murder and seems ready to free himself of all ties to her ex love.

Do you think Colleen’s dead? Weigh in below!

01.21.2013 / 08:49 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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