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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2013 Spoilers: How Far Does Lesley Murphy Make It?

We’re going to call it right now: Lesley Murphy for President 2024. We really hope that the whole “being on The Bachelor” thing doesn’t come back to bite her in the donkey (or elephant, or whatever.) Politics shmolitics. All’s fair in love and hot tubs.

Anyhoozie, before we go too far down that rage blackout train, Sean Lowe, everybody. The two seem to be hitting it off like boxing nuns (the lowest form, we know), and in Episode 3, they even make the forced makeout sesh look, um, well, like it wasn’t as long as it was? Phew, they totally make up for the awkward levels of awkwardness later on when they kiss freely on the roof of a hotel.

So, whaddya think, guys? Are they gonna get married and ride off into the White House with towheaded babies for days? Well, while Sean would make a darling First Gentleman, the answer is a resounding Knope (Parks & Rec joke).

We’re not sure of the circumstances surrounding her departure, but the brilliant Reality Steve discloses that Lesley says her peace out in St. Croix, and is the last girl eliminated before the hometown dates. Darn, that’s like getting stink holed in cribbage, areweright? (Crickets).

Source: Reality Steve

01.22.2013 / 09:05 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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