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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2013’s Kristy Kaminski: 7 Things You Need To Know

Ladies, grab some lip gloss. The Bachelor is almost upon us, which means we'll be spending most of our waking hours kissing our TV screens and suffering from electric shock. Get the party started by checking out 7 things you need to know about small town Wisconsin native, Kristy Kaminski!

1. She's a Fitness Educator
Um, can we please talk about Kristy's body? In case you haven't been rendered blind by this girl's abs, you may have noticed that she's rocking a sculpted six-pack — which makes sense considering that she's a National Director for a 90-day fitness program. Oh, and she's a Zumba instructor who works out at the gym six days a week. If "the gym" is code for playing Wii Tennis on the couch, consider us on board.

Credit: Kristy's Facebook    

2. She's America's Next Top Model
Kristy signed with Ford models back in 2006 (which she refers to as “the best day of my life"), and even applied to be a Maxim Hometown Hottie. There's no way any guy will be able to resist someone who makes a living looking ridiculously good-looking in a miniature bikini. Plus, that hair! It's like a giant waterfall of brown silk.

3. She Was a Sorority Girl
Kristy lived life to the fullest at University of Wisconsin –– Madison, where she partied up a storm with her Delta Gamma home girls. Despite the fact that she likes to have fun (girls just wanna, right guys?), Kristy insists that she's all about hugs not drugs. She's never smoked pot, and she hardly drinks –– which might be a problem on Bachelor. Those boxes of white wine don't guzzle themselves.

4. She's an Entrepreneur
When she isn't working on her fitness like fergalicious, Kristy is 100% down to business. This beautiful model has plans to open a longue in Milwaukee, which will be "a little taste of Scottsdale" and "a little taste of Vegas." As long as she serves goblets of white wine with dead rose petals floating in them, we're there.

Credit: Kristy's Facebook    

5. She Puts Family First
Kristy might be single and ready to mingle, but she loves kids even more than she loves arm curls. This gal spends loads of time with her nieces and nephews, and says that she and her mom are inseparable. Hope the Mr. Bachelor wants to have babies, because it looks like this lady is ready and waiting!

6. She's a Social Networker
Kristy recently made her Twitter private (nooooo!), but fear not! Her Facebook is still open to the public, and now's your chance to become friends with her. Kristy posts pictures and inspirational workout tips, so she'll be a great addition to your news feed. Plus, who knows? You might get some intel on The Bachelor! (Also, check out Kristy's Pinterest here.)

7. She's a Big Nerd
Krisy describes herself as a goofball who "loves kicking it on the couch and watching a movie," which means she's in for a rude awakening when she gets to the Bachelor Love Shack. The only activity that happens on those couches are dry-humping sessions and the occasional deep clean by ABC's housekeeping crew.

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01.22.2013 / 07:21 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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