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Did Jax Cheat on Stassi and Get a Girl Pregnant on Vanderpump Rules?

We’re so confused. Either bartender Jax is a cheater and impregnator or he’s just an overgrown frat boy. In Season 1, Episode 3 of Vanderpump Rules, Stassi learns her ex-boyfriend got another girl pregnant — or did he?!

The couple ended things in the last episode, and SUR bartender Frank picked up right where Jax left off, taking Stassi to a club and making out on the dance floor. Realizing he may have lost the love of his life, Jax showed up and wooed Stassi back... for a night, at least.

As Jax and Stassi walked out of the club, Frank turned to his friend Jen and said, “You know he got a girl pregnant in Vegas.” By the next morning, the news had spread amongst the rest of the servers and a bunch of them, including Frank, gathered at Stassi’s apartment to drink $600 worth of Jax’s champagne. Frank explained how he knew the details: Two months earlier, while the two bartenders were riding in a car together, Jax got a call from the pregnant girl; she assured him that she would be getting an abortion.

Stassi’s best friends, Katie and Kristen, were skeptical of the news. Kristen asked Frank why he’d kept the story to himself, and Katie wanted to know why her boyfriend, who’s best friends with Jax, was unaware that he’d been cheating.

Later, Jax and his friend Tom arrive to pick up his clothes from Stassi’s apartment. “When did I ever cheat? I never cheated,” Jax insists to Tom, who believes his pal.

See? It’s so perplexing! The issue isn’t over yet; next week’s episode has more intel on Jax’s alleged hook up.

01.22.2013 / 09:56 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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