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Hero Waiter Refuses to Serve Family For Making Comments About Boy with Down Syndrome

We’re thankful for random acts of kindness — especially toward children — and this one’s pretty close to the best we’ve ever heard.

It goes like this: When Kim Castillo and her family dined at Laurenzo’s Prime Rib restaurant in Houston, as they often do, nearby diners seemed uncomfortable sitting near Kim’s 5-year-old son Milo, who has Down syndrome.

According to, Kim told the story on Facebook: “A family of 4 asked to be moved from the booth next to us. I didn’t think that much about it but shortly after they left the restaurant entirely, glancing at our table as they left (thought I was being paranoid). As it turns out they told the waiter, ‘special needs kids should be kept in special places.’ The waiter promptly told them he was offended by their comment and refused to serve them.”

The waiter’s name is Michael Garcia, and since Kim’s post has gone viral, he has been receiving tons of Friend requests and messages of praise on his own Facebook page.

“Maybe there were other ways I could have handled it, but Milo is such an angel, he is a gift from God as are all special needs children,” he said to FOX News.

As sad as it is that there are people like the family that felt they couldn’t eat next to a special needs child, we’re pretty sure Michael’s big heart and intolerance of ignorance trumps all the bad stuff.

“We can’t lose track of what this is about,” he told FOX. “It is about Milo, it is about educating ourselves and when people are different, why should you treat them any different?”

Source:, FOX News

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01.22.2013 / 10:30 PM EDT by Jo Aaron
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