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Teen Mom

Jenelle Has a Sexcation With Kieffer Delp: Recap of Teen Mom 2, Season 3, Episode 10: “Half Empty Half Full”

Please find a green hoodie (preferably unwashed) and start writhing around in sextacy. Kieffer Delp is free, free as a bird now, and he's coming for our girl Jenelle Evans!

This crazy/beautiful couple broke up after they were arrested for breaking and entering (oh, and drug possession), but is a reunion in the works now that Kieffer's out of jail? Um, of course it is, what are you thinking? Need we remind you of all the hot makeout sessions Kieffer and Jenelle had at Planet Fun? Their relationship was like a literal Planet of Fun.

Unfortunately, Kieffer's escape from jail in Maryland is short-lived because he has to turn himself into prison in North Cackalacky — which gives him and Jenelle just two days to make sweet hoodied love (which violates her probation, bee-tee-dubs). The good news? They don't get caught! The bad news? Jenelle's roommate, Amber, wants her ex-boyfriend to move in, which is also a violation of Jenelle's probation!

So, does Jenelle convince Amber to ditch her man? Not so much. In fact, Amber and Jenelley get into a huge fight about a hoodie (we know, so dramatic), and then Ambs moves out of their new digs! Sigh, girlfriend has 99 problems and having gal pals is one.