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Teen Mom

Kailyn Meets Her Future Husband: Recap of Teen Mom 2, Season 3, Episode 10: “Half Empty Half Full”

Lately Kailyn Lowry has been sad-facing all over the place about how she has no one to lean on in Pennsylvania, but times are a-changin'! Kailyn's finally realized how important it is for Isaac to have Jo Rivera (aka Nerd In A Cool Kid's Body) in his life, and she's sticking around the east coast for her son's sake.

But let's talk about what's important: Kailyn's love life. She and her besties go out for a night of bowling (you know, because they live in wasteland that is Pennsylvania … ), and she meets a mysterious hottie named Javi. Love connection alert!

In other news, Kailyn's house hunting for a new swanky pad, and she finds the perfect spot in Whitehall. Of course, girlfriend needs some hunky man meat to move her furniture, which brings us back to Javi and his guns. This cutie has the hots for Kailyn, and she's more than willing to gawk at him as he lifts various pieces of leopard-print covered swag. Oh, and spoiler alert: Javi and Kailyn are currently engaged, swoon!

Also, shout out to Kailyn's bestie Mark. We really appreciate his words of wisdom about Kailyn's apartment ("You gotta get lights"), not to mention his amazing facial hair.