Kourtney & Kim Take Miami Season 3, Episode 2: Slob-Kebab Strikes Back!
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The Kardashians

Kourtney & Kim Take Miami Season 3, Episode 2: Slob-Kebab Strikes Back!

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So, where were we? Kourtney & Kim Take Miami left us hanging yesterday! After airing the first half of the show’s second episode, we had to wait a whole day to see how it ends. Rude!

Anyway, Khloe was serving up her usual peacemaker/instigator combo platter, Kim was reconsidering having kids because of Kourtney’s sloppy-mom style, and Kourtney had forbidden Scott to drive race cars with his new BFF, Chapman. Now, on with the show!

Does Scott go racing? Of course Scott goes racing! Chapman ensures his place as LD bestie by telling Scott he’s got natural driving ability. No wait, he ensures his place as LD bestie by having a race car with Scott’s name on it, along with a helmet reading “Lord Disick.” Nailed it! Lords Disick and Chapman drive racecars as Top Gun-esque music plays. When they’re done, they check their hair, each using the other as a mirror. Bromance: complete.

Kourtney & Kim Take Miami Season 3, Episode 2: Slob-Kebab Strikes Back!
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After the Dash debacle of yesterday, the ladies start looking for a new retail space, but Khloe can’t focus because she’s still obsessed with Kourtney being stinky! She enlists three-year-old Mason to go spritz his mom with Khloe’s perfume, called “Product Placement.” He says, “Mommy, you stink like a bear,” because that is cute when you are three, but doesn’t make Kourtney smell any better. Strike one, Khloe.

Kourtney is trying! She puts on a dress, because Kim mocked her perma-sweats. Kim brings the claws back out when it won’t zip, telling her the dress won’t fit because she’s still too fat (we’re paraphrasing). After Kourt leaves in a wounded huff, Kim keeps it up and even hates on the oversized, print dress with an unexpected Three’s Company reference: “That was like, Mrs. Roper status.”

Scott and Khloe pow-wow on the couch, and Khloe laughs in his face after he claims to have been in the gym. ”Just FYI I know you’re completely lying,” she says, “So where were you?” Confession time: he was racing cars with Chapman! Khloe, in her infinite sister wisdom, advises him to stop lying to Kourtney about it. Will he? We shall see.

But first, it’s time for a Kardashian sister showdown. After a lunch out, Kourtney is ready to go home and Kim and Khloe are ready to intervention her mommy lifestyle. Kim resumes her ragging on moms. “I have a whole new perspective on how boring and miserable your lives are,” is bad enough. But it’s, “If you knew how boring you’d become, would you still have had kids?” that makes Kourtney thrown down her napkin and walk out.

Kourtney & Kim Take Miami Season 3, Episode 2: Slob-Kebab Strikes Back!
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Sister Stinky Slob-Kebab has had it! In the parking lot, Kourtney defends herself. “This is the life I want, that I’m happy in,” she spits at Kim. “I don’t expect you to get it.” Then they all get in the car for what we can only imagine was an awkward drive home.

It isn’t until Khloe and Kim debrief that there is a breakthrough. Kim is being mean to Kourtney because she’s worried about her own fertility, and she’s taking it out on her obviously fertile sister! She apologizes to Kourtney over a teary dinner. Well, Kim cries while Kourtney reassures her she’ll be able to have kids, but doesn’t actually look that accepting of the apology. Maybe because Kim has been really mean to her and Kourt needs more time than the soup course to get over it? But we have faith!

Now for deodorant attempt number two. Khloe pulls the old, “Oh, I just bought four deodorants because they were on sale, do you want one?” on Kourtney. Shockingly, the answer is still no. Strike two! In the hotel spa, Khloe finally confronts the stink issue head on. Kourtney calls it, “au naturel” and has “the confidence of a queen,” so she doesn’t care. Khloe apologizes for all the B.O.-related plotting. Let us never speak of this plotline again, OK? Thanks.

Hey, you know that phone call you never want to get, where someone you love has been in an accident? Kourtney gets it, from Chapman’s wife. Scott was racing, he’s had a crash, and he’s in the hospital.

Don’t worry, HE’S FINE. But he is totally busted. Kourtney is livid that Scott was lying to her about racing, but he somehow convinces her of his love for the sport, and she agrees to watch him race so maybe she’ll understand it better. Lord Disick strikes again!

Down at the racetrack, Mason and Kourtney watch Scott zip by, and Kourtney is moved to support something he’s so passionate about. “Also, he looks very handsome in his racing suit.”

Looks like there is more bromance ahead! It’s too early to tell if that is a good thing or a very, very bad thing. But hey, anything is better than talking about B.O.!