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Teen Mom

Leah Messer Celebrates Her Twins’ Birthday: Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 3, Episode 10: “Half Empty Half Full”

Leah Messer and her boyfriend, Jeremy Calvert, are officially in la-la-love, and bonus! They're living together! We know, they've only been dating for a hot second, but yee-haw y'all! Their love is pure.

As you might expect Leah's ex-hubby, Corey Simms, is all kinds of jealous of Leah's fast-paced relationship, not to mention the fact that she does Jeremy's laundry. Girlfriend couldn't even wash Corey's camouflage hat. What gives?

This gal might be a domestic goddess, but unfortunately her home-making is getting in the way of school, and it doesn't look like she has enough time for class. Yep, Leah decides to drop out of her nursing program to concentrate on her kiddos, and speaking of these lovely ladies — it's their second birthday! Cheese Puffs for everyone!

Leah and Jeremy buy Ali and Aleeah a Barbie truck and throw the cutest b-day party ever, and not gonna lie — they make a pretty sweet family. Could a wedding be in their future? (Cough, yes, cough.)

In other news, listening to Leah trying to pronounce "provolone cheese" equals hilarious.