NeNe Leakes Weighs in on Donkey Booty Debate: Whose Side Is She On?
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

NeNe Leakes Weighs in on Donkey Booty Debate: Whose Side Is She On?

Since she’s busy making a name for herself in Los Angeles, NeNe Leakes has managed to stay out of most of the Real Housewives of Atlanta drama this season, but as she explains in her blog, she has some thoughts on this whole Donkey Booty controversy.

NeNe starts off by calling out Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks, writing, “It’s funny how the two of them pride themselves on being such businesswoman but didn’t have enough business sense to have a contract upfront.” While that may be a bit harsh, NeNe makes a valid point. Get your act together, ladies!

And even though NeNe has known Phaedra for longer than she’s known Kenya, the RHoA vet is on the beauty queen’s side in the Booty Battle. Say what?!

“My thoughts are this: from what I could see on the show, Phaedra didn’t think Kenya deserved to be paid,” NeNe explains. “If Kenya was going to help produce Phaedra's donkey booty video, she should be paid for her efforts and hard work!”

NeNe may be on Kenya’s side of the argument, but would she rather have a Donkey Booty or a Stallion Booty?

She says, “If I have to choose between a donkey or stallion booty, I will go with a stallion because it just sounds and looks better …”

However, Ms. Leakes is actually in favor of her own booty, natch! “At the end of the day, I don’t want either one of them,” she reasons. “The ass I choose is my own. Now may the best ass win!”

Do you agree with NeNe? Weigh in below!