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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives’ Marisa Zanuck: I Don’t Appreciate Brandi Glanville’s Opinions About My Marriage

Marisa Zanuck says her marriage to her husband Dean is fine, and Brandi Glanville misinterpreted her remarks about him during their dinner on this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

"Sometimes my mouth speaks before my brain thinks, but that's me," Marisa writes in her Bravo blog. "Dean actually finds this to be an endearing, amusing, and bemusing quality of mine."

"Brandi went on to make further assessments about my relationship with Dean which I would suggest in the future she keep to herself," Marisa continues. "In this instance though, I gave her the ammunition to fire, and she did!"

Marisa also stands by her comments to Taylor Armstrong about wishing she had waited to get married until her 30s.

"I also feel that I did get married too young," Marisa explains. "I married and had kids at an early age because that's all I wanted at the time."

"[My husband and kids] Dean, Jack, and Darryl will always be my priority, but my happiness I realized was not complete without a measure of independence and success that only I was responsible for," she continues.

So is Brandi about to be feuding with another Housewife? Let's hope not!

Source: Marisa's Bravo blog