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Revenge Season 2: Does Emily Thorne Have Real Feelings For Daniel Grayson?

We’re still fanning ourselves after that steamy opening sex scene between Daniel Grayson and Emily Thorne in Sunday’s episode of Revenge. Sadly, the encounter ended up being a dream, but the sweaty sentiment remains.

Why was Ems dreaming of Danny Boy’s glistening body when she’s in a real relationship with Aiden Mathis? Maybe she’s over the British babe’s brooding and ready to open herself up to Daniel’s poetic genius and cowl neck sweaters.

In Sunday’s episode, “Collusion,” Emily told Daniel that she’d only gotten back together with him per his mother’s request. He revealed that he’d known it all along, but didn’t really care. Honesty is the first step toward a healthy relationship (ignoring the whole, my real name is Amanda Clarke thing), and these two are destined for greatness.

Aiden’s also about to end his time in the Hamptons as he searches for his potentially dead sister, Colleen. He blames Emily for her death, so we probably won’t see these two riding off into the sunset together anytime soon talk about baggage.

So the era of Demily is upon us once more. And just like last time, she might have some genuine feelings for the studly CEO. After all, why would she be dreaming of Danny in the sheets if he was just a tactical move?

But you tell us what you think. Does Emily have real feelings for Daniel? Tell us below!