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Taylor Swift Flies to London — Is She Planning to Reunite With Harry Styles?

It sounds like Taylor Swift might be planning to reunite with a certain British someone.

Tay-Tay landed in London on January 21 on her private jet, according to E! Online. According to a source, Harry Styles is also in the country at the moment, and he has a few days off. What a coincidence!

Taylor reportedly arrived with two other people and brought several bags, along with her guitar.

"Once she disembarked, she was met by a bodyguard and a driver, who took her straight into central London," the source says.

"She is staying at a London hotel," continues the insider. "She seemed excited to be here. She was heard saying how pretty London looked (it's covered in snow at the moment)."

This is certainly intriguing, given that rumors have been swirling that Taylor has been regretting her split from Harry and has been trying to get a hold of him.

Do these two "belong" together? We shall see.

Source: E! Online