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Castle Recap of Season 5, Episode 12, “Death Gone Crazy”: Babies, Bodyguards, and Deadly Bras

Beau Randolph, founder of College Girls Gone Crazy, looked a little different the last time we saw him as a suspect in Season 4, Episode 3: “Head Case.” First, he was much more of a sleazy, party animal. Second, he still was alive. But at least there’s a body to exam this time. And so begins another Monday of Castle.

D is for Death

Beau’s night starts by hosting a “Girls Take Manhattan” party at a local club, but across the street, protestors riot Beau’s immoral ways. And by the looks of it, Beau wasn’t satisfied with his playboy image either. Inside, the party is bouncing, just like the college co-eds, when something catches Beau’s eye and he follows whatever it is into a dark corner. Big mistake.

Cut to Castle googling himself and discovering Alexis’s video blog, much to his own dismay. Martha thinks it’s cute, but Castle only sees the ghost of internet predators past. She’s oversharing the intimate details of her personal life online. And by intimate details, we mean a casual date recap with boyfriend, Max. Still, parental paranoia kicks into overdrive and the only thing to take the edge off is Beckett’s murder call.

Back at the club, the real “parental paranoia” was found in the woman’s bathroom with a 36D, high-end bra wrapped around his neck. Beau was last seen by the bartender at 11:50 p.m. and eight minutes later, he was dead. Despite an ample guest list, all you really needed was a pretty face or $20 to get in. So much for a simple roundup of suspects.

Elsewhere, Esposito and Ryan are searching to hand Beau’s bodyguard the “Worst Bodyguard Ever” award, when they discover the person they’re looking for is a she. Scarlet Jones was told to wait in the car at the end of the night while Beau stayed in the club. Maybe it’s just us, but it’s not really bodyguarding if you aren’t guarding a body. Minor details. She suggests checking out Beau’s crazy ex, Tiffany Shaw, who Espo recognizes as a softcore actress. (These shining tidbits that Espo keeps throwing out only solidify his need for a date.) Anyways, Shaw was kicked to the single’s curb a few months ago, and Scarlet thinks she could be out for revenge.

Beau’s business partner-in-crime and cameraman, Troy Strickland, vouches that Beau was a good guy and was always searching for something else, besides CGGC. But who would want Beau’s head on a platter? Try every angry boyfriend, father, and moral crusader out there. This could take awhile.

Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Pretty In Pink!

Tiffany is still nowhere to be found, but she does wear a size 36D bra. Video footage spots Beau’s attention sidetracked by something off-camera. Standing right behind him is a woman wearing a pink dress, but she tells Ryan and Espo that she doesn’t didn’t know Beau or remember seeing him.

Later, Beckett and Castle find out that Beau’s key card was swiped and used to enter his headquarters after his time of death. Scarlet was caught on security footage stealing an SD memory card out of Beau’s safe. She says that she was protecting a friend, Mindy, who carelessly made a sex tape with Beau. She was just trying to get it back before anyone ever found out.

Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Scarlet alibis out, and no one could be happier than Esposito. He practically runs to ask her out on a date, meanwhile she is busy pointing fingers at whoever she can now. Scarlet failed to mention how she punched out a guy, who was yelling at Beau in the middle of the street a few days prior. He happened to be at the party (kinda hard to miss the bandage of a broken nose). So could Seth Parrino be our guy?

His prior racketeering record and crime-boss glow say yes, but really he’s just the boss of College Guys Gone Nuts — think Magic Mike without the Channing Tatum appeal. Beckett’s mind does go little abs-sent while trying to question Seth, but Seth assures them he wasn’t trying to harm Beau. He wanted them to partner on CGGN, since Beau made a name for himself in the CGGC franchise. Beau backed out last minute, intending to invest in something less pervy and more straight-laced.

But thanks to Seth, the 12th realize Tiffany was incognito at the party, except for her lip mole. And her lost bra just so happens to be the murder weapon. Things aren’t looking too good for her. She explains that she lost it while having revenge sex with a random guy in the bathroom to make Beau jealous, and things went missing. Tiffany points the finger back at the bodyguard when she followed her one night (because that’s not weird at all), and caught Scarlet picking up a well-placed stash of cash in a park trash can. Just when things were about to heat up for Espo on his date, he gets cop blocked by Beckett and Ryan.

Scarlet lied and paid Mindy to confirm the sex tape story, but really Scarlet was hired by a children’s media company, Little Frog Enterprises, to dig up dirt on Beau. The company was about to go belly up, and Beau offered to step in and invest. The CEO wasn’t happy, despite the board’s approval, and he wanted some ammo to force Beau to back off. Scarlet took the SD card thinking that could be the smoking gun, but not exactly.

Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Star-Crossed Hookup!

So what was on the memory card that was so important to Beau? Candice Mayfield, the woman in the pink dress from the club video tape. Her real name is Candice Armstrong, as in moral crusade leader Armstrong. Her father, Ronald Armstrong, was the brains behind the protesting operations outside of Beau’s events. Because of Beau’s history, our trusted detectives believe Beau found out who Candice really was and wanted to blackmail her so daddy dearest would back off.

Everyone’s looking for evidence of blackmail, while Papa Armstrong marches into the precinct demanding his daughter and insisting she would never be caught dead with someone like Beau. Well …

This is still leaving Candice as the clear suspect. But Ryan and Espo come across a trust set up by Beau, made out to a J.D. Mayfield in the amount of $5 million. And ultrasounds. A hefty trust + ultrasounds = Baby John/Jane Doe is heir to the College Girls Gone Crazy fortune. Oh, my.

Candice met Beau and had a one-night stand that now would last at least 18 years. It wasn’t until afterwards that she realized who he was, but Candice didn’t want anything to do with him or his reputation. But after she told Beau, he started cleaning up his act and wanted to shut down College Girls Gone Crazy. Did Beau let the cat out of the bag to the wrong people? Only two knew about his crazy idea, Candice and …

Party’s Over

Troy. Even though Troy’s camera had been rolling all night, he set it up on a tripod during the window that Beau was killed, and DNA on the bra will prove Troy killed his friend. Beau promised Troy could take over the business, but with plans to end the whole operation, Troy would have nothing. Now he’s going to have to use your personality to get chicks. He’s doomed.

In other news, Castle unleashes his parenting skills on Alexis about her vlog, but the fiery redhead just wants to express herself. And not in a way that warrants forking over tequila shots afterwards. Alexis is growing up, and technically doesn’t need Castle’s permission. But it seems Castle isn’t just talking to Alexis this whole time, but to our digital-crazed generation who learned how to walk and Facebook at the same time. He’s got first hand knowledge of personal information roaming around the net. Which only makes us wonder what Castle has on his Instagram?

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