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Teen Mom

Chelsea Houska’s Ex Adam Lind Breaks Up With Taylor Halbur … Again!

Hot off the heels of their recent breakup and makeup, Chelsea Houska's baby daddy, Adam Lind, and his gal pal, Taylor Halbur, are on the outs! Sigh, why can't these two just make it work! Their love is written in the motocross-shaped stars, sob!

Taylor and Adam initially broke up just before Thanksgiving after he "played her bad,"
but they got back together in time for the holidays and gifted us with a PDA Twitter-shower of love.

Flash forward a month and Taylor has once again found herself single thanks to Adam's bad-boy behavior. "Don't understand how u can feel no remorse 4 the things uve done," Taylor tweeted on January 19. "& 4 how u broke my heart. this time I won't be here when u crawl back."

Poor Taylor! Although we're pretty relieved that this gal has kicked Adam to the curb once and for all. Plus, who knows? Maybe she and Chelsea can renew their friendship (aka "No Boys Allowed" club).