Pretty Little Liars: Troian Bellisario on Toby’s Reveal, Spencer’s Devastation and Missing Keegan Allen: It Was “Heartbreaking and Sad For Us” — Exclusive
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars: Troian Bellisario on Toby’s Reveal, Spencer’s Devastation and Missing Keegan Allen: It Was “Heartbreaking and Sad For Us” — Exclusive

Wow. Are you still breathing after tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars?

We knew Spencer (Troian Bellisario) would figure out Toby’s (Keegan Allen) betrAyal in tonight’s episode (Season 3, Episode 16: "Misery Loves Company"), but we didn’t expect it to hurt this much.

But Spoby shippers aren’t the only ones feeling the pain. In fact, if there’s anyone who’s more upset than us, it’s series star Troian Bellisario, who recently told us, “To not have many scenes [with Keegan] anymore was heartbreaking and sad.” Aww!

Troian spoke to Wetpaint Entertainment after she received a fab blowout at the Dove Color Care Salon in the TR Suites at Sundance this past weekend, and she dished out the dirty details on Spencer’s devastation, Wren's (Julian Morris) return and the new guy Andrew (Brandon W. Jones).

Wait, is Troian a Spandrew shipper now? Read our interview below to find out!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Keegan recently dished he’s going to miss the make-out scenes with you. What about you: Are you going to miss making out with shirtless Keegan?

Troian Bellisario: Who wouldn’t miss that? Truthfully, I miss Keegan. To not have many scenes together anymore was heartbreaking and sad for us. He would call and text me in the middle of the night, going, “Miss you!”

How will Toby’s big “A” reveal shakeup the Liars, specifically Spencer?

The only people that Spencer really has – because she has such a tumultuous history with her family – are the Liars and now Toby. He’s the love of her life. And that ultimate betrayal to a young woman is devastating. You can expect a true change in her.

Is there any hope for Spoby fans?

Ah, if I told you that, it’d be giving away the fun part!

Well, we know Spencer is going to be totally heartbroken over Toby, but what’s going on with her and Andrew? He and Spencer seem like a perfect match.

They do! It was actually so exciting for me because I’m such a huge fan of the books and Andrew is a major character in them. I’m very, very excited for the fans to see where the Andrew character goes – I have so much fun shooting with him. I think what’s great about Toby is that he’s so soulful and so great and he and Spencer are so great together, but with Andrew, he has this witty repartee with Spencer and she can’t help but flirt back when someone engages her intellect.

And then there’s Wren! Can we expect Wren to be a shoulder for Spencer to cry on now that she knows the truth about Toby? Can we even trust Wren? He seems super sketchy...

I know! Can we trust Wren? There’s a whole new side to Wren that we’re not really aware of. The cool thing about this set of episodes – or whenever Toby leaves the picture or gets in trouble – Wren always manages to swoop back into Spencer’s life. So I think you can definitely expect some drama.

What do you think, PLL fans? Do you want to see Spencer move on with Andrew? Do you trust Wren? Sound off in the comments!

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