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Revenge Season 2: How Did Nolan Ross Uncover Padma Lahari’s True Intentions?

Nobody puts Nolan in a corner! Lately the lady at the top of our red Sharpie list is one Padma Lahari — Initiative secret agent and house hunter extraordinaire. She’s charmed her way into our favorite Revenge billionaire’s heart, all the while searching for his top secret program, Carrion.

The Initiative seems set on acquiring Carrion — a highly dangerous piece of coding that has the ability to knock all of Manhattan’s power off the grid.

Padma’s been playing Nolan from the start, working her way into his life just to carry out Helen Crowley’s evil bidding. So how did the tech genius discover that P Unit is actually working for the dark side?

Though she’s done an excellent job of covering her tracks for the last few months, Padma slipped up in Sunday’s episode, “Collusion,” when she referred to Carrion as a program. Last week in “Sabotage,” she pretended to think Carrion was a person, and since Nolan never told her about the program, one simple line sealed her fate.

Unfortunately for Padma, Nolan’s bestie is a trained Revenger who has tons of experience playing her enemies.

“‎My advice? Play her like she’s playing you,” Emily said to Nolan.

Watch out, Pads! Do you think Nolan will end up destroying her? Or will she ever redeem herself in this techie’s eyes? Tell us your thoughts below!

01.23.2013 / 12:30 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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