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Revenge Season 2: Should Aiden Mathis Blame Emily Thorne For the Potential Death of His Sister?

You may as well call Aiden Mathis Bruce Banner, because in Sunday’s episode of Revenge, “Collusion,” he turned into the Hulk. The brooding Brit lost his cool when The Initiative sent him a video of his sister being forced to overdose.

The terrorist organization had been threatening the Revenger with his sister’s life and ordered him to kill Victoria Grayson so that Colleen would be spared. But Ems couldn’t let that stand and convinced Aiden to spare her life, claiming that he didn’t want to become The Initiative’s hit man.

Emily thought that Daniel’s recent acquisition of disaster recovery group, Stovenhaven United, would be enough to appease The Initiative’s Helen Crowley, but she was very wrong.

“You can’t trust these people. You can’t trust this. Listen to me,” Emily pleaded with Aiden after seeing the video.

“Listen to you?” Aiden shouted, pushing Emily back. “I did listen to you and that’s exactly how this happened. You made me believe that they were manipulating me, giving me false hope when it’s you that I shouldn’t have trusted.”

“If there’s a chance that my sister’s alive then I’m going to find her,” he continued. “And if she is dead, then this is on you.”

That’s way harsh, Mathis. Well, maybe not. We all know that Emily wants to destroy Victoria on her own, and nothing gets in the way of her revengenda. Now her advice has put an innocent life in the balance. We’re not positive that Colleen’s a goner, but things aren’t looking too hot for the kidnapped girl forced into prostitution and a life of drug use. Just sayin’.

Do you think Aiden was right to blame Emily or did she just make a serious mistake? Tell us below!

01.23.2013 / 09:02 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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