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Revenge Season 2: Why Doesn’t Declan Porter Support Jack’s Partnership With Conrad Grayson?

Ugh, no offense if you’re a big fan of hemp necklaces and bad boys that suck at robbing mansions, but Declan Porter is such a wet blanket these days. Revenge’s least interesting brother has let Jack go to jail for him and allowed the Ryan brothers to weasel their way into The Stowaway.

And now, Jack has arranged a deal with Conrad Grayson to get the Ryans off his back and protect his family, but somehow the Decster has some problems with this too.

When Jack told Declan that Conrad had arranged to make the Ryans skip town, the moody man-jewelry owner lashed back that he didn’t want to be aligned with Conrad considering he’d trapped Charlotte in rehab while stealing her trust fund.

Ugh, like that was even a big deal.

But in her first impressive move to date, Amanda Clarke told Declan to get over it and just be happy that the drug traffickers were out of their hair.

Unfortunately, Declan was right to be a bit concerned. Nate Ryan went directly to Conrad and convinced him that restructuring The Docks, starting with The Stowaway, would be a much better business venture for a future governor.


Will Conrad go back on his word and prove Declan’s suspicions right or will he help the Porters? Tell us your thoughts below!