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The Lying Game

The Lying Game’s Ryan Rottman on Jordan and Laurel: “We Have Some Pretty Steamy Dates Coming Up” — Exclusive

We’re a sucker for tall, dark, and handsome, and Ryan Rottman fits that bill to a tee. As Jordan, the mysterious new hottie on The Lying Game, he’s causing all sorts of trouble with his good looks and mysterious agenda.

Wetpaint Entertainment snagged a private moment with Ryan at the “Bands for Beds” fundraiser in Hollywood, an event hosted by his Lying Game co-star (and onscreen mom) Charisma Carpenter to raise money for Bethlehem Parents Primary School in Uganda.

We got him to dish about Jordan’s love triangle with Mads (Alice Greczyn) and Laurel (Allie Gonino) — and his many, many shirtless scenes in Season 2 of The Lying Game.

Wetpaint Entertainment: You’re kind of the new guy!
Ryan Rottman: I’m the new guy on the show, yeah.

What’s that like?
It’s been really fun. I get to shoot in Texas, which is where I’m from, so it’s kind of cool getting to go back there and see some of my college friends and getting to work with this amazing cast. We had the best time out there. We went tubing down the rivers and it was a great experience.

Tell me what we can expect from Jordan coming up?
Stirring things up quite a bit, actually. He comes in, he definitely stirs things up, he gets Sutton kind of twisting things around with him and Rebecca and causing trouble.

Well, he’s flirting with a lot of different girls—
Yes. He is.

How do you feel about that?
As an actor, it’s fun and I think like what he has with Mads is cool and with Laurel as well. I’m trying to figure out what he’s striving to do and what he’s doing out of actual love and admiration.

Does he have a lot of juicy scenes coming up?
Yes, he does. Quite a few of them, actually. It was pretty funny — I either swim or I’m shirtless almost every episode, which is pretty funny. I had no idea. They kind of had a pool and they go, start swimming! I was like, oh, all right. And every scene was like, you have to take your shirt off at some point. It’s like, oh, I should hit the gym a little bit more. I didn’t know. Everything happened pretty quick!

Wow. Well, how much will we see Jordan coming up?
I’m in every episode.

What about Laurel. What can you say about that storyline?
Um, we have some pretty steamy dates coming up. We start knowing each other pretty well and it’s a little strange now because she’s actually living with Mads; Mads moved in with them so the whole dynamic of trying to date two women, two girls that live together, causes a little drama, creates a little mischief.

What was it like doing that first pool scene with Alice?
That was my first day of shooting! It was kind of like, hey, nice to meet you, I have to strip down and jump in the pool with you and kiss you. It was pretty interesting. They shot from underwater and every time I dove in, my boxers went straight to my knees. It was one of the most interesting days I’ve ever had filming.

What else do you want the fans to know?
Just keep watching. I love all these amazing castmates!

01.23.2013 / 03:14 AM EDT by Carole Glines
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