Will Kourtney Kardashian Forgive Kim?
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The Kardashians

Will Kourtney Kardashian Forgive Kim?

One of the most surprising parts of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami so far has been the battle between Kourtney and Kim Kardashian over motherhood. Kim, who has always said she wanted kids, has been really, really mean to her sister about them! Weird, no?

Kim was relentless in trashing Kourtney’s life as a mom, making fun of her wearing sweats and saying things about mothers like, “I have a whole new perspective on how boring and miserable your lives are,” to Kourtney. Ouch!

When Kim finally got to the root of this bizarre anger, though, she offered Kourtney a tearful apology. Apparently, Kim was so freaked out about her own fertility that she started cutting down motherhood, afraid she might never be a mother herself.

But from where we were sitting, Kourtney wasn’t buying it.

Sure, she reassured Kim about being able to have kids, but her stony face didn’t look all that ready to forgive her sister. And we don’t really blame herKim’s been brutal!

What do you think, should Kourtney accept Kim’s apology? Do Kim’s fertility fears justify her behavior? Should Kourt just suck it up and get over it?

She's gonna hold a grudge.

I'm sure she's already over it!